Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh the days of yester-year...

I got a real giggle today. I met with an old friend at lunch. He has asked me to do some accounting work for him, so technically this was a business meeting. As I got out of the "family truckster", I was holding Little Brownies hand and walking to the restaurant. I was rocking my mommy jeans, clearance t-shirt and flip flops. On my arm, I was carrying our "Day out with Thomas" bag that holds everything from diapers and wipes, trains, cars, to my notepad, "SOP's" and binder full of my friend's information...and I smiled. Just 4 short years ago, that Mama Brown from yester-year would have been sporting a suit, high heel shoes and a leather bound portfolio of information. There would have been makeup on my face and my hair would have been fixed in a bun or french twist and sprayed to perfection.

What a difference a few years will make when priorities have shifted. The Mama Brown of today is still just as smart as I was before, although most days I question that previous statement. But today, my thoughts are always of my boys. When making the appointment and choosing a had to be kid friendly. I needed crayons and coloring pages provided, a booster seat was a must and a kids menu with our favorite grilled chicken and beans to order. An atmosphere that was conducive to my goals of discussing his needs and going through his priorities, while keeping Little Brownie occupied and entertained.

It was a success. Thankfully, my friend knew me back in the day. He has confidence and understanding to my situation of being a stay-at-home Mama, but still trusts that I can help him meet his needs and goals in the process. As we were leaving our successful business lunch, a stop in the gift shop to play with toys and sitting in rocking chairs while playing checkers were all objectives that we achieved. Could life be any better to be able to have my cake and eat it too? I am extremely thankful for every blessing that the Good Lord has afforded us. And I'm continually grateful of the many blessing he continues to provide.

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