Sunday, October 3, 2010

My thoughts...

I've kinda been on a blogging break. Not that there hasn't been plenty of funnies and laughs around the Brown house, I've just been putting my efforts and energy to other more important tasks in our home and with our boys. However, today, I read a post about the pro-life/pro-choice controversy from an old friend on her blog that got me thinking. Thinking enough that I felt I needed to put my words down for my boys to know and understand why I believe the way I do. I am...Pro-life. I believe that a baby is a baby from the moment it is conceived. I believe that each conception is a miracle, no matter what circumstance the baby was conceived. Some babies are conceived under the worst circumstances and I do understand that some women have to make a choice about what side of the fence they sit when they are put in that situation. I will admit that I have never been in that situation. However, most of the people that believe one way or another, are also not and/or have not been in that situation either.

I believe the Bible is my guide and instruction book of life. The life of a Christian is a very narrow path and at times and uncomfortable path. There are a lot of lessons to be learned, but there are also a lot of lessons to be taught. Jesus Christ was teacher. Being that he is the son of God, he could have lived a "King's" life here on earth. He could have cleaned house and rid the world of evil. The Lord our father could appear at this moment and make all things anew...again...Remember the Great Flood? But our father had another plan. Making things anew didn't give us the pain factor. I came up with that one all on my own. The pain factor in my brain is the consequence of our actions. God gave us free will. He gives us the ability to believe what we choose and make our own decisions. And then, he walks with us as we suffer or rejoice in the consequence of those decision.

Do I think he condones Abortion? No. Do I think he gives special circumstances a second look if a baby is conceived in an unthinkable manner? No. Do I think that the Lord our God would want me to terminate my child in the womb because my life is in danger? No. When I look at the face of my children, what circumstance would have made me make the decision to terminate him? My answer? None. There is no circumstance or situation that would have made it ok for me to have terminated my baby. I would lay down my life for my baby, before they were born and after. Because I believe that a baby is a baby from the moment it is conceived, in my mind abortion is murder. It is killing a living being whether it is inside of my body or lying asleep in his crib. God is very clear that murder is a sin and that it is an unacceptable act. So, I am going to go out on a limb here and say what other people may not be willing to say today in this politically correct world we live...I am against abortion. I am not just pro-life and I am anti-death. I do not believe a woman has the right to choose to kill and I do not believe the government should make doctors kill unborn babies at a mother's request. I do not believe that the government should condone the killing of unborn babies either. There it is. That is how I feel. Right or wrong to most women I know who are pro-choice. However, I do not believe in it.

My friend that wrote the post on her blog that has had me thinking today mentioned an anti-abortion rally in front of the steps of a church. It really got under her skin and she viewed it very much as a judgment of those doctors who chose to perform abortions and those who chose to abort their babies. My response is this...I believe that anti-abortion rallies should be given the same respect as all the other rallies for which I do not agree with in one way or another. Gay and Lesbian rallies for instance. I do not believe that being a gay or lesbian is in concordance with the laws and guidance of the Bible. If I believe that my path is narrow and my faith is the only golden ticket to my salvation, then it is not a judgment I make in saying abortion is an act against God's path. Here is part of her post, "Did God come down and empower you to judge others? Did you wake up this morning with some omniscience that makes you able to make broad, unqualified judgments? Are you so perfect that you can stand publicly and cast stones at others? Is your world so black and white as to leave no room for extenuating circumstances?"

My answer is simple, yes. My world is black and white and doesn't leave room for extenuating circumstances. No, God didn't empower me or anyone for that matter to judge others. He did however, give me a book that tells me that abortion is wrong. It's not a judgment if I make a statement that the grass is green and the sky is blue. It is what I know to be true. So when asked, "Who the #%@* do you think you are?" My answer is this...I am a child of God. I am an imperfect Christian and God loves me. I live life on a narrow path of faith and I believe that faith is my doorway to heaven. I believe you have the ability to be saved at most any age and time in your life. Forgiveness of each and every sin, big or small is the gift he promises when we take a wider path and may a choice to follow our own path or divert from his word. God's love is great and abundant. And God is the creator and giver of forgiveness. I have a friend that in her early 20's, she had 2 abortions. She admits now that she is in her late 30's, she is very regretful. A day doesn't go by that she doesn't think about the babies that could have been. She now has a beautiful boy and she is grateful for the miracle of his life. She considers herself a born-again pro-lifer. I believe that rallies, like the one my friend experienced today, should continue to take place as much as all the other rallies that are allowed and permitted in our world today.

The phrase, "What would Jesus Do?" is used all the time from people who are Christians as I way to reflect and a way to make decisions in life. It is a reminder about how we are supposed to be living our lives as living, breathing versions of him. Unbelievers like to use it as a way to say we are being "Un-Christ-Like" because we are not loving the sins of others. God doesn't give us the right to judge. He gives us the book for which we are to teach, love and witness to those that are not on the narrow path. It is my hopes that anyone who is reading this can see that being a Christian is not a punchline. Life is not easy being a Christian in today's world. The easy path isn't always the right path. These are just my thoughts and beliefs. I want my boys to understand many years from now that my actions in life are based on the Bible and it is my prayers now for them as they grow, that they will be men of God. That they will live life on a narrow path and that they will be saved by accepting Jesus into their heart. Are you finding that you are in a place in your life that you are uncertain about your salvation? Faith and believing that God our father is your savior, accepting him into your heart as such, you too can be saved. I hope that my post is as thought provoking as my friends. You can read her full post here. There are a few curse words, so please don't allow your young ones to read.


peggybrown64 said...

I so admire your courage and your willingness to lay out there, for all to read, the truths that you hold dear. Much love to you dear one.

nonnie said...

Thank you for writing truth. We must stop hiding behind political correctness when it comes to Biblical truth.

"And the truth shall set us free."

Love you! Love your blog.