Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laugh or Cry?

So...I must get back to blogging. Why you ask? Because if I don't by the end of most days, I have a choice. Do I laugh about my day or do I cry? I choose laughter most days, but here recently, the tears have come so easily. To share with you the funnies, helps me remember them on days like today that I could ball up into the fetal position and find pity all around.

I woke this morning with what appeared to be an ample amount of sleep in my tank. We started our day enjoying a Disney feature called "Spookley". I decided I'd throw a couple of ingredients together to see if I could make a less complicated version of Spiced Pumpkin pancakes. It worked. I got out my Halloween pancake molds and the boys chose a pumpkin and a bat as their pancake shape of choice. As we are eating our holiday breakfast, Andy, the now 60 pound boxer, is seating patiently at their feet. I turned my back to grab everyone a drink and I hear, "Andy likes pancakes too!" As I turned around to see what was happening, Little Brownie was giving Andy a bite...from his fork. I just kinda stood for a second processing the kindness Little Brownie was giving to his dog, but also in utter disgust as I watched Little Brownie lick the fork after Andy was done. Andy got to go outside for the remainder for breakfast.

Once we concluded our meal, Andy does get to have the left overs. I welcomed him back into the house and gave him his expectant plate. The boys and I went upstairs to change clothes, but another moment of forgetfulness allowed me to leave the kitchen without checking for any objects that Andy might swipe from the counter tops. Upon my return to the downstairs, Andy was not waiting for me at the bottom of the steps in his usual spot. I panicked and ran into the living room. 1 whole stick of softened butter was being eating and licked into the carpet. YUCK!

Our day continued with some playroom organizing and cleanup. It was actually Big Brownies idea. We sat in the floor and the boys were my runners to different areas of the room. Boxes organized as "Trains", "Cars", "Animals and People", "Blocks" get the idea. This is a great way for me to see what they still have attachments to as far as their toys and what they have grown out of to be gifted or packed away. We played and enjoyed the morning with each other until we found a treasure. A semi-truck that holds match-box cars...hasn't been played with in over 6 months I'm sure, was the focus of EVERYBODY's attention. Big Brownie explained to Little Brownie that this was for big boys and he was not 3 so he couldn't play with it. Little Brownie has a meltdown and so it began.

After some counseling and love from each brother to one another, it was lunchtime. We had grilled cheese sandwiches in the shape of...what else...pumpkins and owls with a side of chips and banana. As we finished lunch and headed to nap time, Big Brownie decides he wants to watch a movie while I put Little Brownie down in his room. I declined the request, but explained he could lay in my bed and watch Nick Jr. until I returned. He agreed. I get Little Brownie asleep and in his bed and began singing to Big Brownie. Off to sleep he went and I had a moment of Ahhhhh. It felt good to have the house quiet. Time for me to get a shower and maybe a cup of tea.

Well, 12 minutes people. 12 minutes and I hear Big Brownie's feet hit the floor. In hopes that he was just getting up to tinkle I stood quiet and followed his footsteps above me as he went to the bathroom. A few seconds later, his footsteps approached the doorway as opposed to the bed. I attempted to put him back in bed but to no avail. It just wasn't happened. To keep what little sanity I had left, I let him watch a DVD while I showered and we came downstairs for some much needed cuddling. Little Brownie didn't sleep more than an hour and he was up calling my name.

Downstairs we all come to begin the afternoon push until Daddy Brown gets home. Pumpkin Soup in Pumpkin Bread bowls with a side of pork tenderloin and green beans is on the entree menu tonight. Dessert includes candy corn shaped sugar cookies dipped in chocolate to be enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Big aspiration I have for a Mama with a preschooler and a toddler on my hands. I'd like to say my afternoon has been successful, however, I found myself giving out turkey sandwich halves and chips for a snack as my "Pumpkin Bread Bowls" are proofing on my desktop in the sunlight. Little Brownie has been on edge since he woke up and I find myself getting a whiff of a stinky diaper as he runs past me. Big Brownie decided he wants to play with some play dough. I was agreeable until I found him in the corner with a pair of scissors cutting his plastic pumpkin to pieces.

It is my hopes as Daddy Brown appears any minute in my view that my insanity level with come down a few notches. Having the knight in shining armor arrive to save the day and give me aid is sometimes the highlight of my day. The goals for the night...pumpkin soup in white glass bowls with a side of "I haven't figured it out yet", bathtime, evening playtime, maybe a movie with popcorn and finally bedtime. Hopefully one that ends with laughter and not tears.

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