Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

I have terrible arachnophobia. Spiders are my Achilles heel. Before having the Brownies, if I saw a spider, I would either close off that room until Daddy Brown came home to "deal" with the situation, or I'd just leave the house. However, having two Brownies now, I don't want them to be afraid of bugs...especially since they are boys. So, I've had to buck up and not show any fear when it comes to insects. I pick up worms and caterpillars in the yard. I catch bugs for the Brownies to look at and admire. Sometimes, a bug is out of reach and I just have to move on with my day as if it doesn't exist. This was the scenario yesterday. Big Brownie and I were in the kitchen. He looked up and saw a HUGE black spider on the ceiling. It was one of those that was a little fuzzy with a white dot. I think pretty harmless, except for the fact that it was a SPIDER! Big Brownies said, "Look Mommy, a spider. You need to get it!" I told him, "We will leave it for Daddy to get when he gets home. Mommy can't reach him all the way up there." He said, "Oh, okay" and he disappeared from the kitchen. A few minutes later, he comes running into the kitchen and says, "Mama, I'll get the spider!" I turned around to see him and he had an M&M's holiday fan from his Easter basket. He jumped onto a stepping stool, reached his hands high in the air and turned the fan on. His plan was to blow the spider down the wall so we could get it. It just so happen that the spider started to crawl on the ceiling and he exclaimed, "IT'S WORKING MAMA...GET HIM!" But, as the spider wasn't really affected by the M&M wind, he stopped and camped out in the same position for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, I was happy to see him try to come up with a solution.

Big Brownie has officially graduated to underwear. It took some time, but I finally put my foot down and told Big Brownie he had to wear underwear. And just like that, he wears it everyday. We enjoys sprinkling his "yellow water" about any chance he gets. He pee-pee'd in Andy's water bowl in the kitchen. I have caught him several times with pants down and squatting to hit the bowl since. I tell him, "Andy's water bowl is not the toilet. You have to use the potty!" He reluctantly say, "Okay Mama." A few days ago, we were in the kitchen and I was putting away the dishes. I heard an unfamiliar noise behind me. I turned around and Big Brownie was peeing in Andy's food cup while standing on a stepping stool. I said, "Why did you pee-pee in Andy's food cup?" He said, "Well, I had to pee-pee real bad and I just looked down and I saw Andy's yellow food cup, so I just pee-pee'd in his cup and it was FUN!"

So, do you find yourself telling your kids, "Eat 2 more bites and then you can be done?" I do. Big Brownie is very familiar with this and Little Brownie is getting the knack. And it is funny how little ones take your words so literal. I told Little Brownie last week he had to eat 1 more bite and then he could have some grapes. He complied and as he was chewing his last bite, I said, "Chew it all up". He started chewing his food while looking "UP"! It was hilarious. Big Brownie has been doing that forever and I never caught on. When I say, "Chew it UP", they think I am telling them to chew their food while they are looking UP! See, I totally would have missed that one if I didn't have a second Brownie!

Last year, Daddy Brownie finally decided I was old enough to have a garden. I have wanted a garden for years. He felt that I was working so much that he would be the one tending, weeding and such as opposed to the one "ME" who really wanted it. So, now that I'm a stay at home mama, he agreed that with dual work, we could venture into the gardening world. We had a great harvest for our first year. We had corn, beans, (TONS) of cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, cantaloupe and watermelons. This year, I planted tomatoes, corn, lettuce, bush beans and black beans, cantaloupe and cucumbers. I even talked Daddy Brown into having my own pumpkin patch. Whoo-hoo! Not sure with the rain and flooding we had this weekend what will actually come up since some of our seed were washed away at the bottom of the garden. However to my surprise, upon further inspection yesterday, I have some sprouts. The Brownies love to check on the garden with me. Unfortunately, they really don't understand that when we see a sprout, we leave it in the ground. To them, it's harvest time! Ugh...I have tried to keep my cool when a bean plant gets pulled, or my tomato plant gets a good yank. Big Brownie told me yesterday, "Good job mom, our garden looks SO de-wicious!" Little Brownie bends down and looks at the sprouts closely and say, "Look Mama, Mommy, Mommy...a BEAN!" We will see if we get anything out of our garden this year with the help of our new farmers!

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