Friday, May 21, 2010

In Jesus name we pray...

So, I know it has been a little while since I have made a post. We have been stricken with a sick Little Brownie, I've had an eye infection and Daddy Brown likely has a sinus infection. We are holding out that Big Brownie stays healthy. It has been a nice little break, but I have so many things to share.

Today, I'm praying for a friend. She is pregnant with her 3rd little girl and today she is on her way to the doctors office. We are in prayer that she and baby girl are fine. I have prayed all morning long...declaring their safety, praying for the Good Lord's spirit of calm to wrap them as they make their way to the doctors office. As I have stopped to pray aloud, Big Brownie has asked me, "What are you doing Mama?" I told him, "I'm praying for our friend." He said, "Oh, why are you praying for her?" I explained, "She is having a baby and we need to pray that the baby is safe." He said, "Ok Mama, take my hand and let's pray together." So precious and heartfelt my child. If you have a moment, please say a prayer for our friend. She is 39 weeks pregnant and we are ready to welcome their new addition to the world!

This opened the door to having our first discussion about..."Where do babies come from?" I told him that there was a baby inside of our friend's belly. I explained that she will go to the doctor and the doctor will help her bring her baby into the world. He asked, "How did the baby get in there?" I told him, "The love our friend and her husband have created a baby. That God put a special seed in her belly. That seed has made a baby and it has been growing in her belly." Amazingly, he understood. He replied, "You mean just like in our garden?" I said, "Exactly like our garden". I'm always amazed at his comprehension of what seems to be a complicated topic. He did ask, "Can we put a seed in your belly and we can make a baby too?" I told him, "Only God can put the special seed in Mommy's belly and I don't think I have a seed growing right now". I think he was a little disappointed.

I promise I'll share more soon. I wish for you a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend. With all my love...Mama Brown.

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almost five said...

I am so behind on getting back to folks, but this morning as I sit her to nurse Alysse I found this post and had to find a hand to comment :)... you are such a blessing to me, to our family! So thankful He saw fit to make us friends. He answers prayer... you were so faithful to do so. We love you all so!