Sunday, December 26, 2010

December to remember...

Wow...I just realized I haven't made a single post this entire month of December. SAD, I know. Don't scold me, but we have been having so much Christmas fun that I haven't had a moment to take a deep breath...until now.

It's the day after Christmas and I sit here and think about all the wonderful adventures we have shared. This month has been like a dream. Much needed time spent with family and friends. Play dates for the boys and friendships deepened through sharing and understanding. Watching the sparkle in the eyes of my babes as they learn more and more about the reason for this particular holiday. Jesus! Singing carols and watching movies, talking about Baby Jesus as often as we can. Talking about Santa and the elves...and the discovery of the "naughty" list. Big Brownie attempted to place Little Brownie on the aforementioned list on several occasions.

We started this season with donating to the Goodwill. In anticipation of the abundance that was to come and we re-organized the playroom. Any toy that hadn't been played with was given to the Goodwill in hopes that others might find a Christmas gift for their little ones. We also shopped the Goodwill, as WE are also in a different place, day and time from just a few years back. We enjoyed laughing and tailgating at the local Christmas parade with family and friends. We enjoyed Friday play dates to put together gift bags for the homeless and enjoyed making cookies and singing songs. We had Breakfast with Santa and even went to a neighbors home where Santa and Ms. Claus came for a visit. We enjoyed the birthdays of a neighbor friend and of our Papa, and celebrated in the anniversaries of Tutu-Nani and Papa (No. 38), as well as Uncle and Aunt Berry (No. 17). We have had snow twice already this season and we even had a White Christmas...well, it snowed on Christmas but we didn't have much accumulation.

We had our "sisters" over for PLAY, PLAY, PLAY to allow their Mommy and Daddy to enjoy an evening out. We celebrated Christmas Eve "Eve" with my Grandmother and Aunt, Christmas Eve with my "In-Loves" and Christmas Day with my family. So now, I sit here at 8:30p taking a deep breath, drinking a warm cup of tea and basking in the quiet of my babies sleeping. The thought of getting to bed before midnight almost blows my mind away and the feeling of happiness that we have one more day tomorrow to share of Daddy Brown's Christmas vacation.

Yes, December has been a month of new memories. Love that has grown for so many and happiness that my babies had a wonder filled and blessed Christmas. I think all parents want to give memories of the season to their babes, as much as they want to give gifts. I would rather they remember us sitting and reading books and singing songs as opposed to what they opened on Christmas morning. I hope they remember snuggling up in one big bed to read as many books as we can, for as long as their eyes can stay open. I hope they remember falling asleep in my arms and hearing my voice, and feeling my breath as I kiss them good night. I hope they remember the love I have for them.

My love for them can never compare to the love our Father God in Heaven has for us. There is no comparison to his love. I can't imagine, as the sin-filled child that I am with the many times I fail him on a daily basis, that he continues to love me. And to love me abundantly. I am thankful for the opportunity of a new day. I remind myself when I am ready to pull my hair out with my boys, how many times the Good Lord wants to pull his hair out from me. It helps me to have grace and understanding. To know that my boys at times fail or walk a different path from my instruction and yet, I still love them. I still forgive them. And it makes me love them more. I pray for them on a minute by minute basis sometimes. I try to pray over them, with them and for them as often as I can. Yes, December is always a month of renewal for me. This season is used as a tool to help me teach my boys of the greatest gift. The gift of our Father, descending from heaven above and bringing with it eternal life ever after. Thank you God for your son Jesus. Thank you Father for your forgiveness and love. Thank you Father God for Daddy Brown, for Big Brownie, for Little Brownie and for our family that we share in life and love. Merry Christmas!


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