Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's 2014...

It has been quite a while that I've sat down to actually write a post. It has been a busy couple of months and we are healing from holiday full of sickness. Daddy Brown and I had the flu. I also had strep throat and double ear infections. Through the sickness, we still enjoyed an amazing Christmas morning with the boys. We are tremendously blessed.

Being sick through the holidays allowed me to take a step back and take the focus off of the "stuff" of Christmas. I have missed being with my family, not for the presents and food, but for the laughter and smiles. The "stuff" part of the holiday is fun when you find a special something that someone really wants and to see the joy on their face when they open it. However, I realize the "time" we spend with each other is worth so much more.

My goal or "resolution" for 2014 is time. I want to be more deliberate and determined with my time. I want my time to be more than watching tv or playing on facebook. I want to make certain that the time I give to each day is focused and consistent. There are so many things I feel like I don't have time to complete. House projects, exercise, books to read, prayer, time with my boys and family and most importantly, quiet time with God. What do you want to do with your time? Are tv programs or time fillers like facebook going to really fill your time this year or are you going to make your time worth every minute you are blessed to have? It's 2014 and I'm making time for all the special moments I don't want to pass me by.

A little reminder what my main purpose in life encompasses. My two favorite Brownies.

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