Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Brownie is 5...

It has officially been a year since I made a live post.  I have been writing to the Brownies in their composition books.  Something about having my words written, in my handwriting, in a notebook for them when they are adults, makes me happy.  I have been blogging, just not posting them.  One day, maybe I will get a wild hair and post them.  We shall see.

Now...with no further ado, I bring to you the annual airing of my experience with Daddy Brown, and the birth of Little Brownie.  Just like in previous years, this blog will link you to hear our 911 audio of our sweet baby boy today and today only.  Sorry if you miss it, but I promise in 365 days, you will get another opportunity. 

Little Brownie is officially a homeschool student this year.  Because of his birth date, he is registered as a Pre-K5.  Although, he is learning more on a Kindergarten level. His best friend in the whole wide world is Big Brownie.  He looks up to him.  Sometimes, he thinks he knows more than his older brother.  Just the other day, I heard this conversation, as we were driving in the car...

Little Brownie- "You know what, I am smarter than you."
Big Brownie paused and furrowed his eyebrows a minute and responded -  "Well, I know how to read and do math.  So TAKE THAT!"
Little Brownie - "You got me.  You are still smarter..for now."

Little Brownie loves to play with Action Figures, Super Heroes, Legos, WiiU, games on his iPad, running, digging in the yard, riding his gator...just to name a few.  He loves to exercise, wrestle and his favorite color is silver.  He LOVES for me to read him the Magic Treehouse book series.  The Sea Serpent being his all time favorite.  He has a love and passion for animals of all kinds.  He is an amazing foster family member for our local boxer rescue.  He knows how to take care of the four legged friends that we bring into our home.

Little Brownie is a joy to have as a sidekick in the kitchen and is an excellent baker.  His favorite thing to make are muffins and to eat are Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Bread (that I make in the Fall and Winter), anything with Nutella on it and a big 'ole plain Whopper from Burger King.  He has become a very responsible individual that doesn't mind helping around the house...when he is reminded.  He tends to also need a reminder that his hands belong to him, as they are attached to his body.  He gives THE BEST KISSES and hugs.  I cannot imagine my life without that little bug in it.  We are truly blessed.

Happy 5th Birthday Little Brownie.  You teach me something new everyday of our lives together.  God bless and keep you!  We love you!

Here is the post from 2009 that I wrote about the time frame leading up to his birth in the car.


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