Friday, August 13, 2010

Will you hold me?

I hear this request often from Big Brownie, "Mama, will you hold me?" and from Little Brownie, "Mommy, Mommy, hod (hold) me!" I love to sit and hold my boys and read to them, sing to them and love on them. It makes my day to hear these words and to give them all they want and need of me. However, sometimes my own love tank will empty and I need to be held too. I have began to ask the Brownies, "Will you sit and hold me for a minute?" Big Brownie says, "Sure, come sit on the couch and let me hold you." We go to the couch and he puts his arm in the air and his little hand barely reaches around my neck. He wraps his other hand around my waist. Then, Little Brownie squishes his way behind me and puts his arms around my neck and rocks me back and forth. It is so sweet and precious to have them love on me as much as I need to love on them.

As we were getting about ready for bed last night, I looked at Daddy Brown as he was getting a few things finished up for the night and said, "Will you hold me?" It was so out of the blue, it wasn't because I was sad or upset, it was just a need I felt immediately. I needed to hold Daddy Brown and I needed to feel his arms around me. The touch of the one I love, being held close and tight. We walked into the living room and the Brownies were under foot. As we sat on the couch, Daddy Brown held me in his arms and the Brownies piled on top for a big group holding session. It was the most wonderful feeling to have all of my boys on less than 2 cushions of the couch sharing love and warmth. The boys thought we were making Mommy sandwiches. Daddy Brown was the bread, I was the meat, Big Brownie was the mayo and Little Brownie was the bun. I remember fondly making family sandwiches when I was a kid with my sisters and parents. It really is just one big hug and to hold my family's just the most wonderful thing in the world. It leaves my inner tank filled up. Have you held someone today? Do you need to be held? Ask the ones you love, big and small, "Will you hold me?" It will do your body, mind and soul a world of good. Happy Friday to you all.

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Kork said...

Thank you for this precious reminder that it's ok to need to be held ourselves and be refilled...

I think I feel a Mommy Sandwich coming on this morning!