Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say What Sunday....

Could it be true? Dare I say it aloud? Nope, don't want to ginx Little Brownie is potty training! Not because I'd like to be diaper free for the first time in 3 years, not because I spent 30 minutes cleaning a blowout down the carpeted staircase last week and certainly not because I think they are soooo cute. My Little Brownie is growing up and I'm not sure I'm ready. The past few mornings, Little Brownie has risen up from his nighttime slumber with a dry diaper. I've rushed him to the potty and Presto...we have pee-pee in the potty. He has been running around bare bottom for the last couple of days. He has made many deposits in the potty, however, I am smart enough to have picked up on how his little mind works...THE REWARD SYSTEM.

For every deposit into the potty no matter how big or small, you get a small treat. I had stockpiled last Valentine's day on candy heart treats. We have gone through almost my whole stash. So thankfully last night I found a bag of butterscotch morsels. This is our new potty treat. Big Brownie has decided that he is also potty training and each time he sprinkles a little tinkle, he asks, "May I please have a potty treat?" I am certain that this is not the end all and be all of potty training. I have no illusion that Little Brownie will be fully potty trained in a few weeks. But he is showing initiative and that initiative will be rewarded, each and every time it is used. Thank you heavenly father for giving me these blessings?

Speaking of blessings, I watched my Big Brownie sleep today and it was good. He slipped his hand underneath mine as I was singing songs to him at nap-time. He burrows his little feet between my legs and smiles so big, his dimples are the biggest indentations I've ever seen. I said, "I love you baby." He replied, "I love you baby Mama." As he drifted off to sleep, I watched his little smile softly fade and his clasp of my hand grow still. What a true blessing he is to me.

Big Brownie started mother's day out and is LOVING it! He loves his teacher and he loves his snacks. He busts in without much of a goodbye to me each morning, which I'm so grateful. No tears, no crying, no..."Mama will you stay with me?" It is the best feeling to know he is secure enough in knowing I will be back to get him. He loves going to "Bible School". Any day we pass the church, he points and says, "That is my favorite place to go play and have LOTS AND LOTS of fun".

And speaking of Mother's Day, Big Brownie was telling me about his best friend Jack. I assumed he was speaking about a friend at school. He told me that he loves to play with him and that they share all the time. I was encouraging him to be a good friend and to be kind to one another. He looked up at me and said, "Mama, can Jack come over to play with me at my house." I replied, "Sure, if Jack's mother says it's ok for Jack to visit, then he can come play here at your house." He said, "Yay! and can Jack's Little Brother come too?" I said, "Absolutely, the more the merrier." He started dancing in the kitchen and I asked him this, "What is Jack's Little Brother's name?" He said, "Rabbit". I looked at him puzzled and said, "Jack's brother is named Rabbit?" He said, "Yes Mama, Jack and Rabbit want to come play. Can we call them on the phone to come now?" I said, "How do you know Jack?" He replied, "From school". So, tomorrow I will be scoping out to see if Big Brownie has a classmate named Jack or are we venturing into the world of make believe. I welcome all friends and I encourage his imagination to blossom. I just really need to know if Jack really has a brother named Rabbit.

Little Brownie is loving his Mama time whilst Big Brownie is at school. We read book after book after book. Did I mention we read books? We do...all the time. He asked, "Where's Bubba?" I've replied, "Bubba is at school." He just looks at me and smiles. He says, "You read it? Dis wone, dis wone right here!" I think he even enjoys being able to watch whatever DVD he wants, and he also enjoys sitting in Big Brownie's car seat. The other day, he laid down in Big Brownies bed and fell asleep for a little bit. I think he just relishes the idea of being all over Big Brownies stuff, without Big Brownie even knowing. It will be a secret that I will keep for sure. Coloring in all the coloring books and using markers and glue. Things that he normally doesn't get to touch without Big Brownie constantly instructing him how to use them correctly. And then there are the moments of shear bliss. The long hugs, sweet kisses, precious smiles and the "I wub you Mommy" that happens on a hourly basis. Undivided attention that he has never felt in his 20 months of life. I have a few projects lined up for this coming week, thanks to a dear friend that dropped off a basket of fun activities. He absolutely will not know what to do with himself, when he doesn't have to share or wait his turn. These are the days that I will cherish for a lifetime.

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