Friday, October 7, 2016

Little Brownie is 8...

 Today, we celebrate the 8th birthday of our Little Brownie.  To be more precise, today is the 2,923 day that we have started our day with this precious soul in our life.

Little Brownie loves to be in "soft" and "comfy" clothes.  Even in the middle of June, he may come downstairs wearing his housecoat and Santa hat.  He absolutely loves dogs.  He has a special connection with animals, but dogs are definitely a favorite.  Dog are simply desire to be near him.  He has a gentle spirit that is caring and concerned for those he loves.

The 2nd year of the Brown Poop Patrol continues to be a success and he has a couple of "favorite" subjects in school.  He loves science and art.  Little Brownie has become an avid reader.  Aside from reading comics, he also likes to read adventure and animals books.  He helps Mama Brown with puppy training and walking dogs.  Although he enjoys visiting family and friends, he loves to be at home with Mama Brown, Daddy Brown and Big Brownie the most. Our family would be incomplete without Little Brownie.

On his birthday every year, I release the 911 call for 1 day.  I didn't have time to update his birthday video, so I have uploaded the video that I created last year.  This will only be up for 24 hours.  I always get private messages, text messages and phone calls if this can be shared.  Absolutely.  I will take the video down tomorrow, so share away today.  If you would like to read his birthing story, I wrote about it here on the blog 7 years ago.  Here is the link.  Happy Birthday Little Brownie!  We love you more than we can ever express in words.

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