Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On the eve of Thanksgiving, I look around the house and reminisce of Thanksgivings past. Our first Thanksgiving with Big Brownie in 2007. It was COLD that day and we still had healthy Bubba and Sissy our boxers with us. It seemed so long ago, but also, it just seemed like yesterday. We hadn't yet had Little Brownie or Andy our newest 4 legged son. Big Brownies was dressed in a brown sweater suit with a matching hat. So adorable!

Then the following Thanksgiving...we had Little Brownie. Freshly born the month before, he was truly a blessing to our family. On the following Thanksgiving with 2 Brownies, I remember feeling thankful that we still had our Bubba and Sissy, although in a few short months, we would lose him to a brain tumor. And within a few months after, we lost our Sissy and added Andy to our family. We have so much to be thankful. We have health, we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies. We have hugs and smiles.

It is so fun to hear the Brownies talk about the things they love. Big Brownies favorite supper is a hamburger and queso cheese dip with chips. We call it Special Supper. The boys always ask, are we gonna put it in the green bowl and sit in the floor? We indeed use the same green bowl that was my Grandma for the "special supper", sit in the living room floor and gather around to eat. We usually watch something special or cool on t.v. and giggle most of the dinner away. Daddy Brown and I look at each other and smile knowing that this is our little family unit that we are so blessed to have. We giggle on a DAILY basis at the sayings and actions that seem so unbelievable and inconceivable that they have grown enough to comprehend such complex subjects. So thankful for the kindness the Brownies have in loving on each other and their friends. Big Brownie still asks on a weekly basis if there is a special seed in my belly...he really wants a sister!

So today as I look forward to yet another thankful Thanksgiving, I feel my life is a never ending flood of blessings. My heart is full today of joy and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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Dr. Mom said...

That was lovely. You have beautiful children!